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Visitor health Insurance


Every year people from other countries visit the nation. The reason can be many. Few come as a tourist to explore the country. There are few people with an aim of meeting their relatives staying in this nation. Some people visit the place for business purpose. Celebrities and sports personnel visit the country for their shows. But, they all are unprotected without insurance. Human beings are very sensitive to different environment. As a result, there can be chances of health issues once they visit a different country with varied weather condition.   We have an insurance scheme known as ‘visitor’s health insurance.’

Travel medical insurance

You must ensure yourself to be healthy even if you are visiting outside country. We can now offer a short term medical insurance. This you can purchase if you are a frequent visitor to Canada. This is suitable for people staying in any country. You can get coverage for many conditions. Some of them are:

  • Sickness
  • Accidental injury
  • Sudden illness etc.

If you have plans to visit Canada avail this insurance policy. This is one of the coldest country around the world.  Even if you take protection of woolen garments, there is a good chance that you can end up with health issues. Our ‘visitor’s health insurance is one of the good options for you in such a situation.

Coverage of visitor’s health insurance

If you have purchased this policy, we are liable to provide maximum facilities. We cover varied areas. Following is the list of our coverage:

  • Medical service– You will get the coverage of emergency medical services. It include the anesthetic as well as surgical services. You will get the reimbursement of the expenses you have incurred for treatment.
  • Hospitalization expenses– When you are ill, you will be hospitalized. Now, the charges of hospital in a foreign country will be really costly. But, with our visitor’s health insurance plan, you can get the coverage expenses within the hospital premises.
  • Prescription drugs– After the doctor has examined at a private chamber, he will provide certain drugs for treatment. You can get the coverage of prescription drugs from us.
  • Dental emergencies– In Canada, dental expenses are too high. A visitor may not have such potential to pay for such emergencies. But we at all kind insurance will provide the coverage for that.

We have many more health coverage for visitors. Our list will never end. Just visit our website and get all info. You can contact us to buy the product.